A platform for young feminists from Europe

Hello world!

love-feminism-largerWe want to build a place for feminists all over Europe, to learn about the movement in other countries, connect and share the love! Sounds interesting? Stay tuned 🙂


  1. Belén Belén
    Thursday September 10th, 2015    


    Definitely, it sound really interesting!

    So, what kibs are you thinking will be interesting articles for the blog? Will you go multilingual or just English? And what do you mean by “young”?

    Good job! Kisses from Sweden ;*)

    • European Young Feminists European Young Feminists
      Monday September 21st, 2015    

      Hey there and thanks for your interest :)!
      What we are envisioning is a blog where people can learn about the situation of feminism in different European countries, and also about what’s going on on the EU level.
      What we are planning is
      – one “English language” version and
      – one “Original language” version.

      And “young” is of course open to interpretation ;). Are you interested? If yes, we’ll be happy to hear back from you at contact [at] europeanyoungfeminists.eu !

      • Kate Barclay Kate Barclay
        Monday September 19th, 2016    

        I’m based in the UK, speak French as well English. I really want to get involved!

        • Angelika Hild Angelika Hild
          Monday September 19th, 2016    

          Hey Kate, great to hear that :)! Please get in touch with us at contact [at] europeanyoungfeminists.eu ! Thank you!

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